Kalki and the New Avatarism by Alexander Polinsky

The reactions that came hard and fast ran the gamut from irate people telling me to F**K off, to sweet notes of encouragement. One responder wanted to know how to worship me properly, another person posted very unkind words about me and blasted me for the dangerous game I was playing and began to post my “other non-godlike writings,” to “out,” me…. till I had the site’s moderator blast her for copyright infringement, and she stopped. Another late night poster claimed to be god himself and wanted to say hi, still others mocked me and called me crazy. All in all, I found that if you embody a powerful god, it gets quite a powerful reaction.

Here is a link to the thread where I blogged as Kalki Avatar…


I began to wonder just how many people knew about this relatively obscure Hindu god so I did some looking and I was surprised to find many people actively embodying Kalki:

  • The leaders of the Baha’i Faith, to become popular in India, used Kalki’s doomsday mythos.
  • Members of the Islamic sect Ahmadiyya Muslim Community believe that their leader is Kalki.
  • In his book, The Aquarian Message, Sam Weor claims to be Kalki.
  • Sri Suryanarayana Jayanthi Kumaraswami declared that Kalki had already been born as a woman.
  • And still others believe that their founders are the real Kalki starting organizations around them such as the messiah Foundation and the Kalki Avatar Foundation.

So, are you feeling godlike? How does a person make the decision to augment her character with fantasy and why? Interactive games, mega comic-conventions, fancy dress parties and Halloween all give us a way to embody our heroes in an unashamed way. A study at Stanford University found that people became more altruistic when they were given virtual superpowers.  This study proved that when we play as superheroes it actually makes us better people, read the Stanford study to understand how it works:



The trick for human beings is to try to embody God(s) and superhero archetypes while realizing that you are not “THE God,” but a part of God, “A” god…or awesomely superhero-ish. The fact that it is a construct is a feature not a bug. Embodying allows us to live through, and learn from these characters and not become them completely. Avatarism is based on an ancient idea of character embodiment. Humans crave this kind of play because it’s good for us; it broadens our understanding and sharpens our consciousness.

Because Kalki is being discovered again at this time when so many lies deceits and crimes are being committed by the very people that claim to be leading and protecting us it is clear to me that his medicine is dearly needed. Now more than ever, superheroes of truth are being called to the aid of humanity. Kalki, on his white horse, represents forward movement and transport of society from one stage or age to another. The Kalki Avatar inspires us to embody him in this age, The “Kali Yuga” and reminds us to live an authentic life, to burn brightly, and most of all to use truth to remake the world.

Alexander Polinsky is the creator of the open source philosophy/game of Avatarism.
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