Alexander Polinsky

Alexander Polinsky is an American actor who got his start in the 1980s on the TV sitcom, Charles in Charge, playing Adam Powell, the youngest member of the family. Graduating from the Los Angeles High School of the Arts, and later, training at
the Beverly Hills Playhouse, he has an accomplished resume including a lead in the critically acclaimed Saints and Soldiers, winning best short at Tribecca for a lead in The Dungeon Master, and a lead in the viral video Neferiosa for Skream and Benga. Coming in 2013, Alex has a supporting role in Khumba, an epic 3D animated feature from Triggerfish Studios and a role opposite John Goodman in the Curious George 3 film.

In his spare time he enjoys producing EDM music with The Groove Junkies, Andy Caldwell and AHEE. After a top 20 DJ mag chart topping song and receiving play from superstar DJ Tiesto, Alex and his partner have begun playing festivals and recently headlined on the LUMI stage at Lightning in a Bottle. Alex lives in his hometown of Hollywood, California with his terrier dog, Tonic. He enjoys gardening and eating a gluten free diet for his health.

Alex plays Jack O’Ryan in The Last Avatar.